I followed my heart and it led me to coffee - and this club

Ranking & Rules


Latte: New members start here!
Cappuccino: 200 club chat posts + 10k donation.
Americano: 1,000 club chat posts, + total 50k donation.
Espresso/Staff: Staff are hand-picked by Gabriel & La.
Leader: Self-explanatory!


• Follow all marapets rules
• Be respectful, nice and considerate of others
•Absolutely NO drama!
• Have fun!

A definition of a coffee head

Cof•fee head ('ko-fE' 'hed'), n.
•1. People who understand that life's too short to drink weak coffee •2. People who believe coffee is natures greatest gift to the human species •3. People who seek out great coffee, and once found, will drink in mass quantities

Welcome to Club Espresso!

La and pichu's 1MP auctions! Theme: Plates/Photos

Next theme is: ? - Feel free to add your own to auctions

Items are now in auctions!

I (La) & Pichu will be hosting 1MP auctions for club members to jump start or continue your collections. Auctions will have a different theme and will run for 3 days - that way it gives everyone a chance to bid on an item.
All I ask is that you share the bids. All mp won from auctions will go into this club for giveaway's, quiz items, auction items and more!
Feel free to add your collectables to the pool by sending them to La or Pichu with a message to let them know!
Thank you!

I have also placed a Liiing in auctions for avatar purposes, all you have to do is bid on it. If you end up winning this minipet, please send it back to La so they are able to allow other club members to get this avatar, too!

☕Coffee Facts☕

• Contrary to popular belief, espresso has one-third the caffeine of a cup of coffee, simply due to serving size differences.
• Coffee beans are not really beans at all but berries from the coffee tree bush.
• Coffee contains over 1200 chemicals and over half of those are responsible for creating its flavor.
• The largest cup of coffee ever was brewed in July 2014 in South Korea - It was over 3,700 gallons.
• You can overdose on coffee.
• Coffee is most effective if consumed between 9:30 am and 11:30 am
• Coffee doesn't taste like it smells because saliva wipes out half of the flavor.