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Marapets Special 10th Birthday Extravaganza 2014 Event

Our 10th Birthday Party celebrations have just started. There are many different events, giveaways and contests that will happen between now and September 15th.

Masquerade Ball

King Baspinar has started his Masquerade Ball and he needs your help inviting as many online players to the fun! Visit a user's profile and hit the 'Happy Birthday' button and they will be invited to the party. Each player is different - some won't party, some will and others will have the best time ever! The response of the character will depend on what prize you receive. You can only invite a player who is currently online and can only invite the same player once every day. Each player can only be invited once every 2 minutes. If they RSVP instantly, you will win a Party Hat or Mask you need to join the party. If they do not RSVP, you will receive MP or one of 23 new Pinatas.

PINATAS - randomly received when inviting another player to the party and they do not RSVP instantly(these Pinatas retired September 7, 2014 and new ones were added to the site for the remainder of the event)

American Lorius Pinata
Anime Willa Pinata
Blue Decadal Pinata
Breeze Sindi Pinata
Brown Snookle Pinata
Chinese Poera Pinata
Chocolate Gizmo Pinata
Yellow Yoop Pinata
Daylight Kaala Pinata
Ian Pinata
Kronos Pinata
Nimble Pinata
Pink Phanty Pinatas
Minipet Huthiq Pinata
Yellow Gummi Pinata
Orange Zola Pinata
Minti Pinata
Red Nino Pinata
Orange Liiing Pinata
Snixie Pinata
Red Sprite Pinata
Snow Knutt Pinata
Sunny Pinata
White Nicky Pinata

PARTY HATS/MASKS - randomly received when inviting another player to the party and they RSVP instantly (all retired)

Striped Birthday Hat
Colorful Birthday Hat
Balloon Birthday Hat
Swirly Birthday Hat
Playful Birthday Hat
Spotted Birthday Hat
Checkered Dots Birthday Hat
Spotted Dots Birthday Hat
Starry Birthday Hat
Dotted Birthday Hat
Classic Mask
Butterfly Mask
Lace Mask
Half Face Mask
Feather Mask
Sun Mask
Long Nosed Mask
Carnival Mask
Rose Mask
Moon Mask
PINATA PRIZES - Hit any of the new Pinatas and you will find one of these new prizes inside... (all retired)

Pinata Costume (very rare prize)
Red 10th Birthday Balloon
Green Birthday Balloon
Yellow Sparkler
Red Sparkler
Green Sparkler
Blue Sparkler
10th Birthday Card
10th Birthday Globe
10 Today Card
Cake Shorts
10th Birthday Cupcake
10th Birthday Cookie
Jar of Birthday Confetti
10th Birthday Stamp
10th Birthday Cake
Pinata Vixen Plushie
Pinata Murfin Plushie
Half Female Gender Costume
Half Male Gender Costume
10th Birthday Male Costume
10th Birthday Female Costume
Purple 10 Year Plushie
Yellow 10 Year Plushie
Green 10 Year Plushie
Say Cheese Shirt
Ice Shirt
Geek Shirt
Marapets Gamer Shirt
Cat Lover Shirt
Half Female Gender Costume is now Half Gender Costume

Half Male Gender Costume is now Wedding Suit

10th Birthday Male Costume and 10th Birthday Female Costume are now:

Festive Balloons and Bop Summoning Stone


SECOND WAVE OF PINATAS - released September 7, 2014 and now retired

Pink 10th Birthday Pinata
Blue 10th Birthday Pinata
Yellow 10th Birthday Pinata
Anis Pinata
Bagel Pinata
Capsule Machine Pinata
Cherry Pinata
Donut Pinata
Fried Egg Pinata
Grey Shaggy Pinata
Heart Pinata
Lark Pinata
Poop Pinata
Pumpkin Pinata
Red Blood Pinata
Star Pinata
Tisha Pinata

As you browse and play the site as normal, a 'Birthday Gift' may show up in a box. When you find it, click it and you are guaranteed a prize! You can win all of these new items below, MP, BP, RP, Dukka Coins and if you're lucky, Account Upgrades Credit!

At the end of the event, the top 100 players who collect the most gifts will receive 2,500,000MP and a Party Pooper Trading Card! The next 300 players will win a Party Pooper Trading Card.

12 random players who find 100 or more Gifts will also randomly win a basic coloured Decadal Potion. There will only be 3 of each colour potion released!!

Birthday Gift Hunt Prizes (all retired)

Slice of Blueberry Cake>
Party Lollipop
Sprinkled Donut
Sprinkled Pink Donut
Sprinkled Blue Donut
Present Bomb
Party Time Clock
Party Hat Lamp
Firework Gun
Yellow 10th Birthday Balloon
Pink 10th Birthday Balloon
Blue 10th Birthday Balloon
Party Gumball
Party Hat Stamp
Party Pooper Plushie
Circus Male Costume
Circus Female Costume
Elegant Dress

Circus Male Costume is now Gothabilly Dress

Circus Female Costume is now Circus Costume


Grand Prize of the Birthday Gift Hunt, top 400 hundred players who collected the most gifts received the Party Pooper Trading Card

Twelve random players who found 100 or more gifts were chosen to receive a basic color Decadal Potion.