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2016 Events

Valentines Day Event - began February 12, 2016 and ending February 28, 2016

Valentines Day Event Item List

Snixie Pillow Plushie
You are Wonderful Fasoro Plushie
True Love Fasoro Plushie
Q T Pie Fasoro Plushie
White Heart Raulf Plushie
Red Heart Raulf Plushie
Pink Heart Raulf Plushie
White Heart Poera Plushie
Red Heart Poera Plushie
Pink Heart Poera Plushie
You Are Wonderful Snookle Plushie
I Heart You Snookle Plushie
Friends Snookle Plushie
You Are Delightful Limax Plushie
Ur Ok I Guess Limax Plushie
Best Friends Limax Plushie
I Wuv You Limax Plushie
I Heart You Limax Plushie
Valentine Emo Limax Plushie
Valentine Digital Fairy Doll
Valentine Light Fairy Doll
Valentine Peasant and Homeless Fairy Doll
Vanilla Love Brownie
Strawberry Love Brownie
Raspberry Love Brownie
Chocolate Love Brownie
Love Letter Cookie
Cookie Heart
Vanilla Love Cupcake
Devils Food Cake
Chocolate Love Cupcake
Valentine Heart Cookies
Yellow Heart Cookies
Purple Heart Cookies
Chocolate Heart Cookies
Blue Heart Cookies
Bloody Yellow Rose
Bloody White Rose
Bloody Red Rose
Bloody Pink Rose
Bloody Black Rose

Carrotastrophe Event - began March 8, 2016 and ended March 23, 2016

Carrotastrophe Event Item List

Clumsly Royal Fairy Doll
Drowsy Moonlight Fairy Doll
Furious Light Fairy Doll
Impatient Greedy Fairy Doll
Shining Peasant Fairy Doll
Sleepy Daylight Fairy Doll
Sulky Wardrobe Fairy Doll
Sweltering Ice Fairy Doll
Vintage Equilor Plushie
Vintage Gobble Plushie
Vintage Jessup Plushie
Vintage Zoink Plushie
My Immortal Love Book
Old O Magazine
Dirty Magazine
Crumpled newspaper
Black Double Layer Ruffle Undies
Black Lacy Dress
Black Ruffle Nightgown
Black Ruffle Top
Black Ruffle Trim Dress
Black Ruffle Trim Sheer Dress
Black Ruffle Undies
Black Split Bra
Kitty Bra
Kitty Undies
Lace Up Corset
White Double Layer Ruffle Undies
White Lacy Dress
White Ruffle Nightgown
White Ruffle Top
White Ruffle Trim Dress
White Ruffle Trim Sheer Dress
White Ruffle Undies
White Split Bra
Trash Bag
Smashed CD
Smelly Sock
Spoiled Banana
Spoiled Carrot
Spoiled Milk
Spoiled Orange
Spoiled Sausage
Spoiled Turnip


St. Patrick's Day Event - began March 17, 2016 and ended March 25, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Event Item List

Green Breakfast
Leprechaun Jessup Plushie
Leprechaun Knutt Plushie
Green Puff Socks
Shamrock Socks
Shamrock Striped Socks
Shamrock Tights
Shamrock Pumps
Clover Wig
Rainbow Shamrock Hair Gel
Shamrock Hair Gel
Shamrock Hairbrush
Shiny Bob Wig
Unlucky Irish Contact Lenses
Lucky Irish Contact Lenses
Flat Cap
Plaid Flat Cap
Shamrock Bopper
I Heart Clover Shades
Party Shades
Sequin Shamrock Hair Bow
Shamrock Hair Bow
Plastic Shamrock Beads
Shamrock Beads
Sequin Shamrock Bowtie
Shamrock Bowtie
Button Up Clover Cardigan
Clover Handkerchief Pants
Clover Skirt
Frilly Kilt
Frilly Tutu
Long Shoulder Slumped Shirt
Lucky Clover Sequin Vest
Lucky Clover Vest
Shamrock Button Up Shirt
Shamrock Cardigan
Shamrock Pants
Shamrock Shirt
Shamrock Skirt
Shamrock Tuxedo
Short Kilt
Short Plaid Kilt
Shoulder Slumped Shirt


Easter Egg Hunt 2016

2016 Easter Egg List - Easter Eggs listed below are in order as given out from Level 1 through level 40 (two of each Easter Egg were received) Event ended and items retired April 15, 2016

Flab Easter Egg
Daisy Easter Egg
Leaflit Easter Egg
Vlad Easter Egg
Crikey Easter Egg
Aviv Easter Egg
Echlin Easter Egg
Kujo Easter Egg
Limax Easter Egg
Decadal Easter Egg
Troit Easter Egg
Ike Easter Egg
Butters Easter Egg
Basil Easter Egg
Zoosh Easter Egg
Sybri Easter Egg
Tasi Easter Egg
Arinya Easter Egg
Raulf Easter Egg
Vixen Easter Egg
Justin Easter Egg
Gizmo Easter Egg
Snixie Easter Egg
Speiro Easter Egg
Hump Easter Egg
Yuni Easter Egg
Nino Easter Egg
Rusty Easter Egg
Ember Easter Egg
Gobble Easter Egg
Snookle Easter Egg
Dakota Easter Egg
Figaro Easter Egg
Pucu Easter Egg
Willa Easter Egg
Astro Easter Egg
Zoink Easter Egg
Kaala Easter Egg
Lorius Easter Egg
Zola Easter Egg


Easter Hunt Item Prizes - the first 13 items listed below are in order received starting with Level 1 through Level 26. Unfortunately I lost track of the order of the remaining 6 items with the exception of the 1 account upgrade that was given on the last level and completion of the hunt. Item prizes were given out every other level. Two of each item were received. Event ended and items retired April 15, 2016

Empty Easter Basket
Easter Bed
Pastel Carrot
Egg Lolipops
DJ Carrots
Origami Lati
Easter Bunny Fountain
Gourmet Carrot
Easter Basket Plushie
Egg Decorating Set
Chocolate Sindi Statue
Egg Painting Stamp
Easter Bunny Imposter Trading Card
Easter Colouring Book
Easter Egg Hunt 2016 Stamp
How to Multiply Book
Chocolate Crafted Egg
Splatter Potato
1 Account Upgrades Credit


2016 Summer Event: Scouts Camp - Team Acorn vs Team Maple Leaf
Begins June 1, 2016 and ends June 30, 2016

Scout Challenge Prizes

Black Marapop
Blue Marapop
Green Marapop
Purple Marapop
Red Marapop
Teal Marapop
White Marapop
Yellow Marapop
Diet Black Marapop
Diet Blue Marapop
Diet Green Marapop
Diet Purple Marapop
Diet Red Marapop
Diet Teal Marapop
Diet White Marapop
Diet Yellow Marapop
Apple Jam Toast
Apricot Jam Toast
Blackberry Jam Toast
Blueberry Jam Toast
Buttered Toast
Fried Egg Toast
Grape Jam Toast
Matcha Toast
Milk Toast
Strawberry Jam Toast
Strawberry Milk Toast
Bag of Scout Popcorn
Box of Scout Cookies
Creative Critter Snacks
Grilled Fish on a Stick
Mud Ice Cream Treat
Watermelon Popsicle
Scouts Honey
Scouts Maple Syrup
Roasted Marshmallow
Burnt Marshmallow
Wild Flowers
Bear Scout Plushie
Bigfoot Plushie
Bigfoot Trading Card
Campfire Songs
Nature Documentary
Spooky Campfire Stories
Bug Guide Book
Forest Book
Old Bigfoot Photo
Scout Badge Stamp
Tent Stamp
Bigfoot Conditioner
Bigfoot Hairbrush
Scouts Equipment
Koob Summoning Stone
Noot Summoning Stone
Forest Antlers
Nest Hat
Scout Uniform Dress
Scout Uniform Hat
Scout Uniform Shirt
Scout Uniform Shorts
Team Acorn Hat
Team Maple Leaf Hat


Scout Event Official Results and Prizes - released July 28, 2016

Scout Event Prizes

Team Maple Leaf Diary
Trail Mix
Scout Booster
Swampie Plushie
Golden Slingshot
Team Maple Leaf Plushie
Team Acorn Plushie