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2014 Events

Australia Day, starting January 26, 2014

Item List

Sydney Cake
Australian Costume
Australia Dress
Arinya Female Costume
Arinya Male Costume
Australia Pants
Pie Floater
Australia Shirt
Kangaroo Shirt
Australia Top
Witchetty Grub
Arinya Male Costume and Arinya Female Costume are now:

Arinya Costume and Arinya Mask


Item List

Black Fortune Cookie
Blue Fortune Cookie
Brown Fortune Cookie
Dark Blue Fortune Cookie
Dark Green Fortune Cookie
Green Fortune Cookie
Hot Pink Fortune Cookie
Lilac Fortune Cookie
Orange Fortune Cookie
Pink Fortune Cookie
Purple Fortune Cookie
Red Fortune Cookie
White Fortune Cookie
Yellow Fortune Cookie

Male Chinese Dragon Shoes
Female Chinese Dragon Shoes
Chinese Wig
Chinese Suit
Lotus Suit
Chinese Top
Lotus Dress
Chinese Cupcake
Chinese Potato
Beckoning Chibs Plushie
Chinese Cracker
Chinese Stamp

Chinese Suit is now Orante Shirt

Male Chinese Dragon Shoes are now Chinese Dragon Shoes

Female Chinese Dragon Shoes are now Kitsune Tail




Pink Heart Candy
Green Heart Candy
Yellow Heart Candy
Purple Heart Candy
Blue Heart Candy
Red Heart Candy
Love Potion
Morbid Dress
Morbid Female Boots
Morbid Male Boots
Morbid Suit
Cupid Bow
Hearted Dress
Female Valentine Boots
Male Valentine Boots
Morbid Wig
Romantic Wig
Valentines White Chocolate Box
Valentines Milk Chocolate Box
Valentines Dark Chocolate Box

Morbid Female Boots are now Morbid Boots

Morbid Male Boots are now Broken Heart

Morbid Suit is now Skeleton Leggings

Female Valentine Boots are now Valentine Shoes

Male Valentine Boots are now Valentine Boots




Memoirs of a Monster
Zetzilla Cookie
Zetzilla Pearl
Zetzilla Trading Card
Zetzilla Plushie
Zetzilla Potato
Zetzilla Stamp


St. Patricks Day Event - March 17, 2014

Item List (All Retired)

St. Patricks Day Wig
Mad Leprechaun Wig
Shamrock Top
Shamrock Jacket
Male Pot of Gold Shoes
Female Pot of Gold Shoes
Shamrock Dress
How to catch a Leprechaun
Soda Farl
Rainbow Biscuit
Potato Bread
Leprechaun Stew
Cup of Gold Tea
Leprechaun Plushie
Leprechaun Lorius Plushie
Clover Potato
Clover Bouquet
Bubble Pipe
Male Pot of Gold Shoes are now Pot of Gold Shoes

Female Pot of Gold Shoes are now Lucky Rainbow


Ziranek Event - April 11, 2014

Item List (All Retired)

Corrupted Bell Pepper
Corrupted Carrot
Corrupted Onion
Corrupted Giant Carrot
Corrupted Green Apple
Corrupted Red Apple
Corrupted Yellow Apple
Glowing Corrupted Red Egg
Glowing Corrupted Blue Egg
Glowing Corrupted Yellow Egg
Glowing Corrupted Brown Egg
Glowing Corrupted White Egg
Glowing Corrupted Black Egg
Glowing Corrupted Purple Egg
Glowing Corrupted Pink Egg
Glowing Corrupted Green Egg

Easter Egg Hunt - April 14, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt Item List (all retired)

Hot Cross Buns
Bad Egg
Mystery Eggs
Hoppy Tunes
Eggtastic Shirt
Mystery Egg Stamp
Easter Dress
Female Bunny Feet
Male Bunny Feet
Mystery of the Bad Egg
Egg Painting Guide
Bunny Ear Hoodie Wig
Female Bunny Feet are now Bunny Feet

Male Bunny Feet are now Sindi Feet

2014 Easter Eggs, shown in level 1 through 40 prize order (all retired)

Australian Easter Egg
Balloon Easter Egg
Breeze Easter Egg
Bug Easter Egg
Zombie Easter Egg
Polar Easter Egg
Recycled Easter Egg
Snow Easter Egg
Island Easter Egg
Fairy Easter Egg
Princess Easter Egg
Dark Easter Egg
Pinata Easter Egg
Christmas Tree Easter Egg
Ghost Easter Egg
Mermaid Easter Egg
Gothic Easter Egg
Neon Easter Egg
Panda Easter Egg
Shaved Easter Egg
Tiger Easter Egg
Genie Easter Egg
Frostfire Easter Egg
Cartoon Easter Egg
Red Panda Easter Egg
Spring Easter Egg
Hairy Easter Egg
Hobo Easter Egg
Summer Easter Egg
Toy Easter Egg
Monster Easter Egg
Mafia Easter Egg
Thunder Easter Egg
Furry Easter Egg
Underwater Easter Egg
Water Easter Egg
Toddler Easter Egg
Steampunk Easter Egg
Cursed Easter Egg
Prize Easter Egg


Alien Invasion Event - July 2014

We will be fighting the above Aliens in the Battledome: Trojan, Snoogle, Oogle, Boogle, and Troogle

July 19, 2014 - All Alien Pets can now use the Gym, Elite Gym and School for FREE while we prepare to attack!

July 23, 2014 - Trojan is now allowing all Monster costumed pets to join him on his invasion! Monster pets will now have their Gym and Elite Gym Free Training paid for by Trojan.

Trojan's Battle Supplies

Trojan Supporter Shirt
Enpiah Tentacles
Alien Blaster Belt Plushie
Alien Cupcake
Alien Goo
Alien Potato
Alien Supporter Flag
Bubble Ultron Blaster
Green Energy Sword
Red Energy Sword
Triple Finger YoYo
Trojan Diary
Trojan Plushie
Alien Blaster Belt
Alien Emperor Contact Lenses


The Battle Begins - July 26, 2014

Battle Event Prizes

Ball of Alien Yarn
Alien Emperor Dress
Alien Emperor Suit
Alien Emperor Wig
UFO Hologram
Enpiah Contact Lenses
Radioactive Paper Hat
Boogle Hat
Wind Up Alien
Alien Pearl
Alien Grapes
Snoogle Trading Card
Troogle Trading Card
Oogle Trading Card
Boogle Trading Card
Trojan Trading Card
Alien Jinx
Extraterrestrial Girl Plushie
Extraterrestrial Boy Plushie
Rocket Ship Book
Alien Phone Book
Holographic Story Book
Holographic Encyclopedia
Holographic Comic
Alien Emperor Suit is now Alien Armour


SERVER MOVE (Vault Item - when you open the box itself you get 7 of the 9 items listed below)

Server Move Care Package Items

Server Move Care Package">
Marapets Logo Sweater
Long Lost Maramail Book
Floating Red X
The End is Nigh Sign
Alerts Cookie
Moving Tunes
Moving Box Plushie

Halloween Snowman Prize List (all retired)

Eerie Lamp Post
Spider Corset
Bat Vest
Glowing Injured Tan Egg
Glowing Injured Ivory Egg
Glowing Injured Brown Egg
Skeleton Key Necklace
Nymph Horns
Withered Flower Crown
Stitched Heart Tattoo
Glowing Black Damask Egg
Blueberry Gummy Stomach
Blueberry Gummy Lungs
Blueberry Gummy Liver
Blueberry Gummy Kidneys
Blueberry Gummy Heart
Blueberry Gummy Finger
Blueberry Gummy Brain
Apple Gummy Stomach
Apple Gummy Lungs
Apple Gummy Liver
Apple Gummy Kidneys
Apple Gummy Heart
Apple Gummy Finger
Apple Gummy Brain

Beelzebub Prize List - Pot of Gold Giveaways (all retired)

Blood Splattered Mouth
Beelzebub Summoning Circle
Pile of Skulls
Ink Stained Eye Mask
Ink Stained Vampire Eye Mask
Beelzebub Signed Photo
Liquorice Gummy Stomach
Liquorice Gummy Lungs
Liquorice Gummy Liver
Liquorice Gummy Kidneys
Liquorice Gummy Heart
Liquorice Gummy Finger

Elger Trick or Treat Prizes - all retired

Glowing Red Damask Egg
Glowing Tan Fleshy Egg
Glowing Ivory Fleshy Egg
Glasgow Smile
Male Gothic Platforms
Female Gothic Platforms
Gothic Maxi Dress
Skull Hoodie
Witch Cupcake
Baby Demon Wings
Crow Skull Necklace
Goblin Horns
Brain Hat
Male Bloody Boots
Female Bloody Boots
Dark Mark Tattoo
Vampire Eye Mask
Eye Mask
Watermelon Gummy Lungs
Watermelon Gummy Stomach
Watermelon Gummy Heart
Watermelon Gummy Finger
Watermelon Gummy Brain
Cherry Gummy Liver
Cherry Gummy Kidneys
Cherry Gummy Heart
Cherry Gummy Finger
Cherry Gummy Brain
Female Gothic Platforms are now Tall Gothic Platforms

Male Gothic Platforms are now Short Gothabilly Shoes

Female Bloody Boots are now Bloody Boots

Male Bloody Boots are now Pool of Blood


2014 Pumpkin
Arinya Pumpkin
Chibs Pumpkin
Xoi Pumpkin
Zola Pumpkin
Yuni Pumpkin
Ushunda Pumpkin
Crikey Pumpkin
Daisy Pumpkin
Dakota Pumpkin
Gonk Pumpkin
Ideus Pumpkin
Justin Pumpkin
Lorius Pumpkin
Newth Pumpkin
Osafo Pumpkin
Poera Pumpkin
Quell Pumpkin
Reese Pumpkin
Sindi Pumpkin
Pumpkin Hunt Prize List

Glowing Pumpkin Egg
Glowing Gravestone Egg
Glowing Cursed Egg
Glowing Candy Corn Egg
Spider Web
Satyr Horns
Baby Horns
X Face Sticker
Killer Mask
Male Bloody Feet
Female Bloody Feet
Pumpkin Patch Cupcake
Mystery Meat Sphere
Mystery Meat Pyramid
Mystery Meat Cube
Orange Gummy Stomach
Orange Gummy Lungs
Orange Gummy Liver
Orange Gummy Kidneys
Orange Gummy Heart
Orange Gummy Finger
Orange Gummy Brain
Grape Gummy Stomach
Grape Gummy Lungs
Grape Gummy Liver
Lemon Gummy Heart
Lemon Gummy Finger
Lemon Gummy Brain
Female Bloody Feet are now Bloody Feet

Male Bloody Feet are now Blood Splatter

Character Trick or Treat Prizes

Loner Hoodie
Creepy Tombstone
Blood Splattered Gloves
Glowing Blood Egg
Glowing Brown Fleshy Egg
Bat Wings
Coffin Necklace
Diablo Horns
Thorn Sleeve Tattoo
Skull Face Sticker
Skull Mask
Ghost Cupcake
Skull Dress
Watermelon Gummy Liver
Watermelon Gummy Kidneys
Cherry Gummy Stomach
Cherry Gummy Lungs
Grape Gummy Kidneys
Grape Gummy Heart
Grape Gummy Finger
Grape Gummy Brain
Lemon Gummy Stomach
Lemon Gummy Lungs
Lemon Gummy Liver
Lemon Gummy Kidneys

Turkiye Treat Event Prize List

Gobble Trouble
Gobbler Trading Card">
Gobble Music Lover Stamp
Gobble Love Songs
Ball of Autumn Yarn
Extravagant Turkey Dinner
Autumn Ice Cream
Gifted Corn
Turkiye Plushie
Cooked Turkey
Jellied Cranberry Sauce
Mashed Potatoes and Turkey Gravy
Pilgrim Hat Cookies
Whipped Cream
Stale Halloween Candy
Pilgrim Doll
Slice of Pumpkin and Cream Pie
Slice of Peach Pie
Slice of Chocolate Pie
Slice of Cherry Pie
Slice of Blueberry Pie
Slice of Apple Pie
White Chocolate Turkiye
Orange Chocolate Turkiye
Mint Chocolate Turkiye
Milk Chocolate Turkiye
Dark Chocolate Turkiye
Watermelon Gummy Gobble
Orange Gummy Gobble
Liquorice Gummy Gobble
Lime Gummy Gobble
Lemon Gummy Gobble
Grape Gummy Gobble
Cherry Gummy Gobble
Blue Raspberry Gummy Gobble
Blueberry Gummy Gobble
Apple Gummy Gobble