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2013 Events

St. Patrick's Day Event 2013


St. Patrick's Day Items - retired 3-27-2013
Leprechaun Wig
Clover Dress
Leprechaun Shirt
Maid Shirt
Maid Shoes
Maid Skirt
Irish Kilt
Irish Tunic
Lerprechaun Shoes
Leprechaun Shorts
Leprechaun Jacket
Plain Kilt
Pot of Gold Plushie
Stolen Pot of Gold
Shamrock Wig
Female Irish Shirt
Male Irish Shirt
Lucky Horse Shoe Book
Magic Irish Music
Clover Pearl
Four Leaf Clover
Gourmet Four Leaf Clover

Female Irish Shirt is now Irish V Neck

Male Irish Shirt is now Irish Shirt


Easter Egg Hunt - March 28, 2013

Items given out during Easter Egg Hunt
Ball of Splatter Yarn
Splatter Tunes
Male Brush Stroke Bottoms
Female Brush Stroke Top
Splatter Book
Sleshalk Trading Card
Splatter Dress

2013 Easter Eggs - they are listed in Level 1 through Level 40 order
British Easter Egg
Emo Easter Egg
Headless Easter Egg
Injured Easter Egg
Negative Easter Egg
Radioactive Easter Egg
Winter Easter Egg
Slime Easter Egg
Stone Easter Egg
Sleepy Easter Egg
Space Easter Egg
Spy Easter Egg
Sewers Easter Egg
Rotten Easter Egg
American Easter Egg
Anime Easter Egg
Fire Easter Egg
Firework Easter Egg
Ice Cream Easter Egg
Insideout Easter Egg
Nightmare Easter Egg
Minipet Easter Egg
Party Easter Egg
Plushie Easter Egg
Sketch Easter Egg
Vampire Easter Egg
Calico Easter Egg
Bee Easter Egg
Burnt Easter Egg
Camouflage Easter Egg
Dark Fairy Easter Egg
Cotton Candy Easter Egg
Midnight Easter Easter Egg
Autumn Easter Easter Egg
Baby Easter Egg
Cupid Easter Egg
Gingerbread Easter Egg
Splatter Easter Egg
Musical Easter Egg
Villain Easter Egg


Lorius Event - August 6, 2013 through August 17, 2013

Items given out during Lorius Event (all items are now retired)
Lorius Bobble Head
Black Lorius Plushie
Lorius (dvd)
Milk Chocolate Lorius
Lorius Racing (book)
Blue Lorius Plushie
Lorius Lyrics (cd)
Green Lorius Plushie
Jar of Lorius Breath
Yellow Lorius Plushie
Can of Lorius Wing
How to Tame a Lorius Book
Orange Chocolate Lorius
Lorius Scythe
White Chocolate Lorius
Lorius Helmet
Red Lorius Plushie
Devastation of Lorius (dvd)
Wind up Lorius
White Lorius Plushie
Lorius Male Costume
Lorius Female Costume
Lorius Warrior Male Costume
Lorius Warrior Female Costume

Lorius Female Costume is now Lorius Costume

Lorius Male Costume is now Lorius Wings

Lorius Warrior Female Costume is now Lorius Warrior Costume

Lorius Warrior Male Costume is now Lorius Summoning Stone



9th Birthday Party Event Items (randomly received when inviting another player to the party) - retired 8-27-2013
Party Bomb
Gift Wrapped Shield
9th Birthday Cupcake
Magic Cupcake
9th Birthday Cake
9th Birthday Party Popper
Yellow 9th Birthday Plushie
Red 9th Birthday Plushie
Purple 9th Birthday Plushie
Pink 9th Birthday Plushie
Green 9th Birthday Plushie
Blue 9th Birthday Plushie
Yellow 9th Birthday Balloon
Red 9th Birthday Balloon
Pink 9th Birthday Balloon
Green 9th Birthday Balloon
Blue 9th Birthday Balloon
White Nine Balloon
Red Nine Balloon
Purple Nine Balloon
Pink Nine Balloon
Orange Nine Balloon
Green Nine Balloon
Yellow Nine Balloon
Yellow Rusty Pinata
Purple Zoink Pinata
Minipet Xoi Pinata
Grey Renat Pinata
Green Reese Pinata
Green Yuni Pinata
Millionaire Chibs Pinata
Orange Dakota Pinata
Emo Troit Pinata
Fat Quell Pinata
Emo Bolimo Pinata
Dark Tantua Pinata
Radioactive Addow Plushie
Cupid Walee Pinata
Gold Doyle Pinata
Pink Tasi Pinata
Burnt Rofling Pinata
Pink Arinya Pinata
Nightmare Snookle Pinata
Mummy Viotto Pinata
Negative Echlin Pinata
Yellow Zetlian Pinata
Brown Daisy Pinata
Blue Zoosh Pinata
Yellow Basil Pinata
Yellow Azul Pinata
Snow Pucu Pinata
Red Sybri Pinata
Red Crikey Pinata
Blue Willa Pinata
Blue Crindol Pinata
Black Speiro Pinata
Baby Vixen Pinata
Anime Ushunda Pinata
Anime Poera Pinata
Angel Sindi Pinata

When your pet plays with the Pinata it gives you random items listed below

Banana Rock Candy
Blueberry Rock Candy
Lime Rock Candy
Pink Lemonade Rock Candy
Banana Taffy
Bubble Gum Taffy
Coconut Taffy
Lime Taffy
Liquorice Taffy
Peach Taffy
Sea Salt Taffy
Watermelon Taffy
Blueberry Gummy Bottle
Cherry Gummy Bottle
Lemon Gummy Bottle
Orange Gummy Bottle
Lime Gummy Bottle
Blueberry Pixie Straw
Raspberry Pixie Straw
Lime Pixie Straw
Grape Pixie Straw
Cherry Pixie Straw
Liquorice Pixie Straw
Lemon Pixie Straw
Orange Blue Nards
Pink Purple Nards
Red Green Nards
Jaw Breakers Nards
Candy Buttons
Emo Spoodles
Spicy Fireball
Pinata Costume
Glowing Black 9th Birthday Egg
Glowing Blue 9th Birthday Egg
Glowing Brown 9th Birthday Egg
Glowing Green 9th Birthday Egg
Glowing Orange 9th Birthday Egg
Glowing Pink 9th Birthday Egg
Glowing Purple 9th Birthday Egg
Glowing Red 9th Birthday Egg
Glowing White 9th Birthday Egg
Glowing Yellow 9th Birthday Egg


2013 Pumpkin Hunt Event

2013 Halloween Pumpkin Hunt Event Items (randomly received when clicking on a floating pumpkin) - retired 11-4-2013
2013 Pumpkin
Blank Pumpkin
Cheerful Pumpkin
Sobbing Pumpkin
Dazzled Pumpkin
Dizzy Pumpkin
Oops Pumpkin
Unimpressed Pumpkin
2013 Pumpkin Candy
Crying Pumpkin Candy
Dead Pumpkin Candy
Love Struck Pumpkin Candy
Pumpkin Candy
Scared Pumpkin Candy
Shocked Pumpkin
Silent Pumpkin Candy
Silly Pumpkin Candy
Smug Pumpkin Candy
Cerberus Flea Collar
Pumpkin Hard Candy
Sad Pumpkin Plushie
Pumpkin Candle
Female Nightmare Shoes
Male Nightmare Shoes

Female Nightmare Shoes are now Nightmare Shoes

Male Nightmare Shoes are now Short Gothic Platforms


2013 Elger Trick or Treat Event

Cursed Book
Cursed Pearl
Cursed Potato
Pumpkin Cupcake
Jar of Werewolf Wax
Gummy Brown Eye
Gummy Green Eye
Gummy Blue Eye
Gummy Vampire Eye
Male Witch Shoes
Female Witch Shoes
Villain Contact Lenses
Witch Dress
Female Ghost Captain Costume
Male Ghost Captain Costume

Male Witch Shoes are now Witch Shoes

Female Witch Shoes are now Witch Flats

Female Ghost Captain Costume is now Ghost Captain Costume

Male Ghost Captain Costume is now Ghost Pirate Costume _____________________________________________

2013 Halloween Snowman Event

Orange Coffin Lolly
Lemon Coffin Lolly
Black Licorice Coffin Lolly
Grape Coffin Lolly
Green Apple Lolly
Strawberry Coffin Lolly
Blood Hard Candy
Ghost Hard Candy
Skull Hard Candy
Vlad Wing
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Pumpkin Soap
Candycorn Cupcake
Candycorn Plushie
Candycorn Stamp
Candycorn Lollipop
Ghost Lollipop
Plastic Fangs
Glow in the Dark Plastic Fangs
Bone and Candycorn Arrow
Zombie Stories
Brain Juice
Zombie Wig

2013 Character Trick or Treat Event

Villian Dress
Villian Suit
Spider Contact Lenses
Female Hypnosis Sunglasses
Male Hypnosis Sunglasses
Happy Ghost Tissue
Crying Ghost Tissue
Evil Ghost Tissue
Cyclops Ghost Tissue
Pumpkin Hunt Cupcake
Eyeball Cupcake
Elger Cupcake
Jar of Dark Matter
Female Hypnosis Sunglasses are now Hypnosis Sunglasses

Male Hypnosis Sunglasses are now MJ Sunglasses


Thanksgiving Event 2013 - Gobble War

Top 50 Winners Received: 2,500,000 mps and Double Peck Trading Card

Winners 51-500 Received: Double Peck Trading Card

Half of the top 1000 players randomly received: a Double Peck Stamp

Gobble War Prizes

Female Native Boots are now Native Boots

Male Native Boots are now Native Shoes

Native Suit is now Native Skirt

Pilgrim Female Costume is now Pilgrim Hat

Pilgrim Male Costume is now Pilgrim Tunic


New Years Raffle Event 2013 - 2014

Prizes for the New Years Raffle were random and awarded on 1/18/2014 and are listed below:

Fabulous Shirt
Fancy Shirt
Murfin in a Stocking
Panda Costume
Account Upgrade Credits