Glitter Words


"High above Marada, in the world of Nimbus, the Capsule Machine randomly floats on a cloud. It is filled with special Capsules containing many rare and exciting items. You will need to use a Capsule Machine Token to get one of these Capsules. You can buy Capsule Machine Tokens at the Account Upgrades page. You can only use the Capsule Machine once every 12 hours."

***If the print on the page is too small to read, especially for the items in the boxes, just hit the Ctrl and the + key on your keyboard and it will enlarge the print. To reverse just hit the Ctrl and the - key to bring it back to the way it was.

Magical Gummy Stars
Midnight Soup
Midnight Cupcake
Blue Zola Plushie
Green Zola Plushie
Red Zola Plushie
Yellow Zola Plushie
Sweet Zola Wine
Capsule Prize List
Bittersweet Contact Lenses
Sindi Male Party Suit
Bittersweet Wig
Zola Wine Stamp
Stellar Trading Card
Female Star Pyjamas
Male Star Pyjamas
Star Dress
Star Robe
Female Summer Swimwear
Male Summer Swimwea
Summer Hat Wig
Lunar Wig

Bunny Headband Wig
Deviled Easter Egg
Easter Hunting Tunes
Easter Egg Shaped Pearl
1000 Easter Egg Recipes

Male Cotton Candy Boots
Female Cotton Candy Boots
Gluoc Trading Card
Drifty Sweater

Azul Necklace
Chibs Necklace
Feliz Necklace
Bolimo Necklace
Fasoro Necklace
Knutt Necklace
Jessup Necklace
Paffuto Necklace
Yakubi Necklace
Tantua Necklace

All Retired December 18, 2014

Bloody Barber Suit
Morticia Dress
Cobweb Face Makeup
Cobweb Vest
Fallen Angel Wings
Fiendish Horns
Grave Robber Trench Coat
Glowing Haunted Moon Egg
Glowing Extremely Scary Egg
Tragic Clown Face Makeup
Bloody Wench Dress
Nightmare Horns
Skeleton Gloves
Sugar Skull Face Makeup
Vira Dress


All Retired March 30, 2015

Sunny Side Up Stamp
Rock Dress
Newth Nurse Trading Card
Drifty Dress
Drifty Wig
Fasoro Headband
Sindi Headband
Snookle Headband
Vlad Headband

Grinch Plushie
Figgy Pudding
Gingerbread Cookie Book
Snowball Blaster 5000
Snow Child
Bah Humbug Sweater
Female Reindeer Hooves
Male Reindeer Hooves
Reindeer Jumper
Reindeer Antlers
Winter Boots

Possibly Marapets version of the white/gold dress vs the blue/black dress controversial post that went viral - released March 2015 (retired June 18, 2015)

Male Blue and Black Dress
Male White and Gold Dress
Female White and Gold Dress
Female Blue and Black Dress

Released March 2015 (retired June 18, 2015)

Number One Fan Candy Heart
My Person Candy Heart
My Pal Candy Heart
My Love Candy Heart
My Girl Candy Heart
My Boy Candy Heart
My Treat Candy Heart
Hug Me Candy Heart
Darling Candy Heart
Cool Candy Heart
Charm Me Candy Heart
Bae Candy Heart

Released April 2015 (retired June 18, 2015) (If you are wondering why Christmas items were released in April here is a direct quote from Ian in the forums "because they got left out and I just found them... and its better to release them, they'll go missing my xmas otherwise :/" and "plus if I retire old capsule stuff, I need new stuff to replace it with and this is all I had"

Gumball Dress
Transparent Blouse
Pastel Denim Shorts
Elf Dress
Long Santa Skirt
Holly Hair Clip
Poinsettia Headband
Spring Skater Skirt
Daisy Crop Top
Cross Crop Top
High Waisted Shorts
Bunny Shoes
Bunny Leotard
Sakura Sonnet
Fasoro Tail
Antler Crown


Items released June 18, 2015
Not sure when the following items were retired because it was not mentioned in the news

Green Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
Orange Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
Pink Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
Purple Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
Rainbow Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
Black Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
Brown Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
Red Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
White Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
Blue Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
Yellow Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
Sprite Summoning Stone
Adorab Summoning Stone
Mizu Summoning Stone
Doon Summoning Stone
Summer Sprite Summoning Stone
Summer Snixie Summoning Stone
Kumbha Summoning Stone
Verano Summoning Stone
Chibi Ears
Azul Ears
Fasoro Ears
Figaro Ears
Ercuw Ears
Basil Ears
Kaala Ears
Arinya Ears
Dakota Ears
Dragon Phanty Ears
Phanty Ears
Sybri Ears
Wahoo Wig


Items below were released sometime between October 13 - October 15 (thank you gennie for all the investigating to find the correct release date). The retire date is February 28, 2016

Gonk Ears
British Potato Chips
Knutt Ears
Strawberry Cornet
Error Troit Trading Card
Chocolate Cornet
Matcha Cornet
Murfin Ears
Jessup Ears
Kujo Ears
Vanilla Cornet
Grint Ears
American Potato Chips
Heart Omurice

The following items were added to the Capsule Machine on February 28, 2016 and retired October 30, 2016

Chocolate Croissant
Strawberry Croissant
Wasabi Croissant
Vanilla Brownie
Chocolate Brownie
Mint Brownie
Superhero Booster
Capsule Machine Stamp
Mara Manga
Trixter Trading Card
Black Sectioned Sweater
Button Up Sweater
White Fluffy Hoodie
Black Ruffle Shrug
Black Puff Dress
Holiday Dress
Black Tree Overskirt
Black Fluffy Hoodie
White Ruffle Shrug
Long Santa Dress
White Button Dress
Seasonal Black Ruffle Dress
Button Sweater
Black Button Dress
Black Long Santa Dress
Pleather Top
Tree Overskirt
Button Vest
White Puff Dress
Seasonal White Ruffle Dress
White Sectioned Sweater
Side Button Top
Button Cardigan
Seasonal Ribbon Dress
Black Gingerbread Dress
Gingerbread Dress
Zipper Sweater
Button Neck Sweater
Sweet Top
Sweet Boots
Sweet Wig


The following items were added to the Capsule Machine on March 27, 2016 and retired October 30, 2016

Polka Dot Hair Bow
Hair Bow Bandana
Shady Hat
Tilted Hat