Here are some examples of my work

The work I've done for others.

Do not steal as they have been paid for by said owners.

Roughly Oldest to Newest as you scroll.

For Solitude

For Halsey

For Zeichii

For kablam009

For Walker

For moonie480


Click to make an enquiry

Send me references for what you'd like me to draw.
If you'd like a specific expression, type of lighting or other I can happily incorporate that.
I can also do a simple background if required.
Otherwise, if you have no specific ideas I'm happy to just use my artistic license and draw what I think is best!

Prices start from 1 mil MP, but I appreciate tips;)

Also if you want more detail (including a background) it can be more expensive as it'll take more of my time.

I'll send a preview of what I've drawn so you can make any adjustments if you would like.
When you are happy with the final look, you can then send payment. Afterwards I'll send the final, non watermarked piece.