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Swapping things

If you'd like to swap for any of these items please contact me to do so! <3

Looking to swap? Me too!

So here's a couple things I'm willing to swap for! Check it out and let me know if you have some things we can swap haha

Incomplete things

Apocalypse TC Clothes

I'm after the Combat Boots and Ripped Stockings. I have the Half Face Gas Mask, Gear Belt and Dirty Jeans I can swap.







So I always have crystals in my shop or attic, but never enough diamonds. If you're interested, let me know if you'd like to set up an on-going trade. I understand that crystals are easier to obtain and often drop in price, so I'm cool with trading 10 crystals for 4-5 diamonds (:

Got Runes?

I pretty much only quest the explorer these days and so my shop usually has a couple runes in there. Whenever I go on a questing spree/binge, I'll often shove the runes, discounted, in my auctions. If you see these runes in my shop, or just missed out on an auction, mail me to swap! I'm happy to swap for runes of similar value, so please keep that in mind when mailing me.

Have plates? Mee too~

So recently I realised I'm in need of many, many plates because of certain goals. If you have any spares or are in the same boat, I have plates in my trades. Hmu if you want to swap some ^_^

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