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If you'd like to order any art, please contact me to do so! <3

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I need to move my art blogs here.... well , that's going to take some time haha. It'll make things easier but still wah I dont't wannnanana

BJD Chibis


These BJD Chibi's go for 750k at the moment ^_^
Essentially, if you're interested in ordering one just send me a mail and/or my post on my topic. All I really need is a link of the doll you'd like me to chibi-fy (which can be take from your wardrobe) and whether or not you would like the experience background to be included or not. Also feel free to include any changes you'd like made. I will send you a mail checking in before I begin any shading, so I can fix anything before I finish the chibi, and accept payment.

Note, if you would like a gif one, it would cost double as you would be ordering two chibi's... I didn't really plan to make that a thing but someone asked, so I thought I would clarify haha. I just thought it was a cool way to show all the chibi's I've created. Yeah I realise I need to update it.
Also yeah you may (or may not! ) have noticed the lines above/below some of the clothing, on the knees and what not. That's because I was inspired by ball jointed dolls to sorta make these chibi-versions of mara dolls. And no, I don't plan on removing them. ^_^

Gif example

Scroll example

Newer chibis up here!
Total MP earned : 8.25mil from 11 chibis
750k average ouo

??? (hicka) 1.25mil

Jess (Jesselle) 850k

Heather(GummeeBear ) 900k

Britney(Fae) 750k

Jenn (Soleo) 750k

Kayla (aylakays) 500k

Summer (Infinite/Riku) 750k

Becca (becca1337) 1mil

Chelsea (chelseafofelsea) 500k

Jess (Jesselle) 500k

Chas (Seventeen) 500k

Rev (Revolver) free!



None so far

Oops c:


Art sketches

Sketches, etc


Stuff I've bought/had made

General Art

From TuttiFruitti 60k each

From ris for free(resized)

Original link: ttp://oi66.tinypic.com/f4k412.jpg
From Oreo1991 for 80k


None yet rip ;n;

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