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Hi hi this is my personal marasite. You're welcome to take a look around and contact me if you need anything.

What's new!

Not this site that's for sure hahahaha.
Seriously though, I've been doing the MMC which means attempting Priscilla endlessly. ;u;

About Me


Hi hi I'm lovely. <3 I've been playing since '08, and have had many accounts. I was really young back then and of course was a rebel and was banned a bunch of times. I've learned my lesson though LOL. I mainly just lurk but you might catch me posting in rc. I spend most of my time questing but I attempt to restock as well. (:


Heya my name is Emily and I'm 20 going on 21. I'm currently learning to become a hairdersser, so that's exciting! I really like gaming, drawing/painting, listening to music, and browsing at animlas for adoption that I can't have (oh the torture). OH yeah I also watch a ton of youtube videos, browse reddit and facebook a lot. ^_^

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