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How To Guide: Stats

Stats (otherwise known as STATISTICS! Very easy to do, very valuable, also very easy to mess up if you haven't trained any pets before.

This handy little guide will make it nice and easy to understand. I even included examples :]

Let's make it simple and first EXPLAIN the stats.

Here are the stats of a pet with a break down of where they are likely used. It's not a good idea to skimp anywhere when it comes down to it.

- Statistics -

Level : 2

Health : 1 / 1 ( these are your hit points )

Magic : 1 ( you use this with spells and wands for healing )

Charisma : 0 ( You get this randomly from school and certain dailies. Doesn't play into battle, but helps if the pet has a job)

Strength : 2 ( This aids in the calculation of how much damage a your pet is using weapon does )

Defence : 3 ( Increases odds of your opponent's attack missing )

Speed : 1 ( Adds into strength and defence )

Elite gym stats are not used in battle (As of yet at least, could be added later). They fall under their own set of rules when it comes to training them up. They ARE used in pet Olympics though and you need them AND gym stats to move up in the Olympic ranks. They are ALL used in one of the events or another and Olympic items can be purchased via victories ( higher stats = higher chance of victories ). This includes figaro potions and Olympic trainer quest items.

Coordination : 1

Stamina : 1

Balance : 0

If your new, this is likely a lot to take in, take your time, this guide isn't going anywhere and there is no test of Friday XD

In a nut shell the stats of your pet will determine how well you do in battle and the Olyimpics. If your trading, it's what will help you boost a pets worth.

The biggest mistake anyone can make, is training the level up with everything else Example time! (I cut the elite stats since they follow a different set of rules. )

- Statistics -

Level : 55

Health : 1 / 1

Magic : 1

Charisma : 0

Strength : 2

Defence : 3

Speed : 1

Okay, now, what's wrong with it?

Well ... up to level 25, you only have to pay 1 crystal per stat! After than, up to level 50 you pay 2 crystals! That's not fun and it takes a huge bite out of your mara points for this pet! If you are trying to trade this pet or are looking at this pet for its stats, it's not a very good choice. Unless you are in love with this pet or don't care about stats, this is not the pet for you.

Now I shall show you what that pet's stats should actually look like for his level, then explain the math behind it. You can use a calculator, but it's a gentle little number, no worries :] Even I can do it and and My math skills are notorius for their awfulness!

Level : 55

Health : 111 / 111

Magic : 1

Charisma : 0

Strength : 111

Defence : 111

Speed : 111

Yeah! That looks nice! There are many opponents you could take down with stats like that. Magic stat or no magic stat. XD Though being able to heal help. I'll cover magic in another blog sometime. Like the elite stats, it follows a different set of rules.

Alright, math time! Here is the math equation you can trust with your gym stats-

Level x2 + 1 = where the rest of those stats should be.

See? Not so bad. I'll type it out to clarify. Level multiplied by two, then add 1. :]

Now, Elite stats ... okay, we're getting a little long, but eh.

As explained above, they are primarily used for Olympics. Instead of paying crystals though, you pay diamonds. Okay, I will explain how that system works As I finally figured it out!

Going by the chart. By pet level, they do not mean the level you train in the regular gym. They mean the number of the stat itself. I'll use coodination as an example and set it up for you to see. :]

Coordination: 1 = 1 diamond

Coordination: 26 = 2 diamonds

Coordination: 51 =3 diamonds and so on.

Your pets gym level doesn't play into Elite gym stats at all. The pet could be level 600, but if his balance is only 3, you still only pay one diamond. Isn't that nice? :]

How to stat you pet is easy. Go to the gym/elite gym and select the pet you want to train. Then select what you will stat, the gym/elite gym will ask for a crystal or a diamond. You can have a 51+ statted pet by the time you have to pay 2 crystals to train.

Note: As of yet, elite gyms stats are not a requirement for battle, but you do need both for Olympics.

How much these stats affect your pet's worth will depend on what pet price guide you follow. ^-^

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