Everything you need to know about pageants!

There will be multiple preliminary titleholders each year. And, if you do not win Miss/Mister Fleek, you can continue to enter the preliminary title opportunities each year until you snag one (keeping in mind that you can only win a preliminary title once-- meaning if you've won Miss/Mister Undying Festival already, you will not be able to win that preliminary title again). For every two members in a preliminary pageant, another title will be added until all titles are used. Titles that go unused or are relinquished will be put into the Last Chance pageant (July). The perks & requirements of being a preliminary titleholder are:
100CP and a gift from Fleek upon winning a preliminary title
One personalized titleholder signature and one formal titleholder signature
A spot to compete in Miss/Mister Fleek (August)
Exclusive information on upcoming events and chances to host event activities, including being able to judge for upcoming pageants.

**Your activity in Fleek and the Marapets community plays a role in Miss/Mister Fleek. Keep active around Marapets and host/participate in activities to boost your image. (2) If you leave Fleek at any time your title will be automatically relinquished and entered into the Last Chance pageant. If you are on hiatus and do not return before the Last Chance pageant, your title will be automatically relinquished and put back up for grabs. You are also free to MM Jasperie and relinquish your title as you see fit.

As Miss/Mister Fleek, you will be required to complete certain tasks as well as be rewarded for remaining active and completing your tasks as the titleholder. Your title reign will last 12 months, beginning after the Fleek Birthday event (August) and concluding after the following year's Fleek Birthday event (August the following year). The perks & requirements of being Miss/Mister Fleek are:
500CP upon winning and a prize from Fleek
200CP per month in Fleek (2,400CP in total) and gifts throughout the year
Receives a personalized Miss/Mister Fleek avvie, a formal Miss/Mister Fleek titleholder signature, and a personalized siggie.
Exclusive information on upcoming events and chances to judge for upcoming pageants.
Must host at least 2 event activities during their title reign.
Once their reign is over, they will permanently be promoted to "Family," the highest rank in Fleek.
Once their reign is over, they can compete for a Fleek preliminary title again after January 1st of the following year

**If the current Miss/Mister Fleek leaves Fleek at any time or goes on hiatus exceeding 90 days, they will be removed and the 1st (or 2nd) runner-up will take over their reign, as well as reap the perks of being Miss/Mister Fleek for the remainder of the year.

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By TheRabbit, edited by Jasperie.