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All of the wigs that are available as of the last update date.
No more having to ask the Dress Up Form, or accidentally buying a 20m wig you find out doesnt even look good!
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Last Updated:April 18th, 2020
Last Wigs Added: After Party Wig, Alice Wig, Angelic Wig, Anime Wig, Ari Wig, Biala Wig, Bow Tie Wig, Candy Wig, Cobweb Wig, Dash Wig, Eleka Wig, Farmer Wig, Frozen Wig, Giant Pigtails Wig, Harmony Wig, Haunted Wig, Hippie Wig, Jenoa Wig, Paradise Wig, Patrick Sweep Wig, Ringmaster Wig, Royal Wig, Shaggy Wig, Short Opulent Wig, Side Swept Wig, Spiked Up Wig, Straight Slicked Wig, Trapeze Wig, Tussled Wig, Valentine Ringlets Wig, Valentine Wig, Vintage Clown Wig, and Werewolf Wig
Wigs A-N are linked, and can be previewed on your own doll, along with any wig added after my original release of these page (So starting with Halloween 2019)
Anything with a crouton picture can be clicked on and previewed, since i dont have images for those yet