Aging avatars

Tip: 75,000MP Remove an aged Batz Status: AVAILABLE
Tip: 1,000,000MP Remove an aged Lurve Status: AVAILABLE
Tip: 250,000MP Remove an aged Schmog Status: AVAILABLE

Rare / Risky avatars

Tip: 225,000MP View the alert that you receive when you win a Baby Costume from auctions
Tip: 300,000MP + replacement if you miss the Flayee Pick up a Flayee from the Pot of Gold

Pet related avatars

Tip: 200,000MP View a Fire pet with the 4 fire weapons attached

The next set of avatars can be found here.
Tip: 350,000MP for all and take away 25,000MP for each avatar you do not already have
View the minipets on the pet with all of the minipets attached.
NOTE: When viewing the Zax, you will also receive the Rainbow hidden avatar

Can also lend minipet avatars from minipets located in my gallery. Just ask, will go lower than other lenders!

Old auction snipes
Old restocks