Mail me a list of everything you need. I will tell you what is available and the total cost.

General Lending
Win a baby costume in an auction.
Equip a Flaming Hammer, Flaming Shield, Flaming Axe and Flaming Fan to a Fire pet. *I can provide pet* [Nobody]
Keep attaching an Alen minipet to your pet.
Unattach a Batz from your pet after 11 days.
Attach 5 different colored Fattys to your pet and view your pet.
Attach a Zax to a pet of the same color. Feel free to change its color if need be.
Have an Anuriah in your attic and search Mini Pets.
Put an Efall minipet in your gallery and view your gallery.
Have a green Grouchy in your inventory and click on it.
FREE - View the Lost in my trades and click Check Price
Send a Naoen to someone.
Bid on Liiing in Club Member Only auction.
Attach a Miort to one of your pets.
Attach a Fild to any limited edition pet.

The following avatars require careful planning and timing. If these items are lost while I am lending, you are fully responsible for replacing them.
Buy a Scrooge for 1mp from a user shop.
Pick up a Flayee from the Pot of Gold.

The following avatars are available through pet transfer.
Have a Plug attached to your pet for 51+ days then go the the page where you check your minipet's age. [Rawrbin]
View a pet that has 50 Music with a Hammy attached. [Nobody]
Complete level 152 in history. [Elf_In_Disguise]
Train your pet to level 52 in Science. [Nothingness]
Let your pet watch the Guide to Marasites dvd and then view it's dvd's list. [slgjhspgire[gkn]
Complete Level 27 in Maths. [Promise_1111]
Get your pet a job as an astronaut. [Promise_1111]
Become a level 2 Scientist by accepting the job promotion. [Promise_1111]

Coming soon! These will be live auctioned.
Detach a Lurve that is over 60 days old.*mail me for availability date*
Remove a Schmog that has been attached for over 80 days. *mail me for availability date*