I'm having a Halloween Block Party!

Please read everything below before signing up.

If, after you've read the rules, and you have your items, you want to take part, you can sign-up on my BLOG

Here's how it's going to work.

I'm hoping to get fifty-one people to sign up to be "houses" to go "trick or treating" at on October 30th/31st. Though I will go ahead with fewer.

There will be two rounds of trick or treating. The first round will be on October 30th, the second round on October 31st, to allow for time zone differences - and to give everyone a chance to make sure they send out their treats in round one (please see the section on cheating).

I will post the list of those taking part on my blog - you will use that list to maramail each person with "Trick or Treat" in the subject line. ONLY those on the list are the ones to maramail, and ONLY those on the list are the ones you should send items to.

If anyone mails you NOT on the list, they are trying to get free items, ignore them.


1) You have to have been a member of Marapets for at least 6 months. There will be a post in the 6 month restricted board on the forum for everyone to post in as proof that your account is at least 6 months old (the post will be up at the end of the month).

2) You need 100 VARIED Halloween themed items (from the Halloween Treats list in the item database and anything that has Halloween or Haunted in the title) to send out - you will send one item to each person in the first round, and one item to each person in the second round. Obviously you can have multiples of items, just not like 25 of 4 items kind of thing.

3) You must put your 100 items in your gallery as proof that you have those items, and that they're varied, before you will be able to sign-up to take part.

4) No more than 20-25 items can be worth under 600MP.

5) Five (5) items MUST be worth 5000+MP.

6) One (1) item MUST be worth 25,000+MP.

7) You cannot send the same item to the same person twice (so, for instance, you can't send someone two "bat cookies" ) .

8) It will be up to each person to decide who gets the 5000+MP items and who gets the 25,000+MP item. But they MUST be sent out.

9) You have to make sure you have your account set up to receive maramails, and to receive items, from strangers. So obviously, you must be old enough to actually send maramail.

10) Everyone should be in costume for the event. *G*

***You can see my gallery's last couple of pages to get an idea of the varied items you can use.***


After round one, if ANYONE has NOT sent out an item to any of the people that are on the list that have mailed them, they will be removed from the list and not able to take part in the second round.

After round two, if ANYONE has NOT sent out an item to any of the people that are on the list that have mailed them, they will be BANNED from ever taking part in another one of these events (there will also be a Christmas event - so if you want to take part in that, DON'T CHEAT! ) .

There will be provisions made in the chance this does happen.


Please keep track of who sent you what, as, after the block party is over, I'd like you to post your lists here of what you got from each person. There will be a GRAND PRIZE given out from among these lists.

By the end of the block party, everyone will have received 100 items. *o/*




There will be a grand prize winner chosen, by me, from those taking part and they will get to choose from one of three prizes.

Created by forcryinoutloud at www.marasight.com