[img]http://tinypic.com/r/2vwvak7/6[/img] When Chey won in SCDH ,12. [IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/sgh7w8.png[/IMG]
Eighth Award: For lady fingers, tea pots, chocolate bonbons, and 'bone' china teacups combined with her crooked finger and sinister smile, this person brought her character to breath-taking realism. “I’m tireddddd can’t I just win already???” - rise and shine, sleeping beauty is given to: SangFleur Wakey: Sangy you were brilliant as always. I cannot see you as anyone else during SCDH but the wonderful Emilie Autumn. Your tea party was a success. 'Im upset I didn't get time to take part. /licks Love you lots! ---------------
I remember telling the lemmings to click, how someone told me I was a horrible person and should be avoided, all the lyric spammings.... This SCDH with mammajohn getting the extra new Purple blue eevee award... Or purple orange, either way, that was hilarious. How the mystery topics went awry, and Lise had to give the answer to the one. How the one game I was in, the witch game, we just kept accusing each other, taking wing shots. I'll try to remember more... This is hard. Marasites