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2018 Account Upgrades

Funky Account Upgrade - released January 14, 2018 and retired February 15, 2018. The Funky Costume was originally released in September 2006 and was retired shortly thereafter. This AU is a revamped and updated version of the Funky Costume and includes 7 new Funky themed items. With this upgrade you have the chance of receiving either 3 or 4 pieces of the Poison Pit Treasure Map which was originally released in account upgrades in 2014.

Funky Account Upgrade item list.....

Funky Costume
Funky Glowing Egg
Funky Pearl
Groovy Book
Move and Groove
Peace Songs
Peace Stamp
Poison Pit Treasure Map
Poison Pit Treasure Map


Aquarius Treasure Chest - re-released January 19, 2018 and retired February 2, 2018.

Aquarius Treasure Chest item list can be found here


Firework Account Upgrade - released January 29, 2018 and retired February 20, 2018. The Firework Costume was first released in January 2011 and retired shortly thereafter. This account upgrade is a revamp of the original costume and includes 8 new Firework themed items.

Firework Account Upgrade item list.....

Firework Costume
Enchanted Firework Sindi Plushie
Enchanted Firework Doyle Plushie
Book of Fireworks
Firework Display
Firework Glowing Egg
Firework Noises
Firework Pearl
Firework Stamp

Heartless Treasure Chest - released February 5, 2018 and retired March 13, 2018.

Heartless Treasure Chest item list can for found here


Minipet Account Upgrade - released February 9, 2018 and retired March 15, 2018. The Minipet Costume was first released July 2010 and retired shortly thereafter. The Costume has been revamped and updated in this account upgrade along with 8 new Minipet themed items.

Minipet Account Upgrade item list.....

Minipet Costume
Enchanted Minipet Lati Plushie
Enchanted Minipet Reese Plushie
Tiny Tunes
Tiny Tale
Tiny Book
Minipet Glowing Egg
Cute Pearl
Tiny Stamp


Mermaid Account Upgrade - released February 25, 2018 and retired April 15, 2018. The Mermaid costume was introduced in May 2005. This account upgrade is a revamped/updated version of the original costume and includes 8 new mermaid themed items.

Mermaid Account Upgrade item list.....

Mermaid Costume
Enchanted Mermaid Straya Plushie
Enchanted Mermaid Newth Plushie
Songs Beneath the Sea
Pearls and Shells
Mermaid Tales
Mermaid Pearl
Mermaid Glowing Egg
Mermaid Tail Stamp


Aries Treasure Chest - re-released March 21, 2018 and retired April 7, 2018.

Aries Treasure Chest item list and item previews can be found here


Leopard Account Upgrade - released March 24, 2018 and retired May 5, 2018

Leopard Account Upgrade item list.....

Leopard Costume
Leopard Glowing Egg
Leopard Pearl
Leopard Book
Leopard (DVD)
Leopard Stamp
Leopard Snarl
Enchanted Plushie Instruction
Enchanted Plushie Instruction


Easter Limited Edition Account Upgrade - released March 31, 2018 and retired May 14, 2018

Easter Limited Edition Account Upgrade item list.....

Joke Book
1 AU Credit
Splatter Overalls
2 AU Credits
Woodland Contact Lenses
2 AU Credits
Deluxe Carrot Cake
1 AU Credit
Pastel Dress
1 AU Credit
Deviled Egg
1 AU Credit
Bunny Hoodie
1 AU Credit
Chickle Plushie
1 AU Credit
Carrots (DVD)
1 AU Credit
Splatter Music
1 AU Credit


Noble Treasure Chest - released April 13, 2018 and retired June 16, 2018. The Noble Treasure Chest item list can be found here.


Taurus Treasure Chest re-released April 20, 2018 and retired May 7, 2018. For Taurus Treasure Chest item list and wardrobe previews click here.


Bug Account Upgrade - released May 6, 2018 and retired June 30, 2018. The Bug Costume was first released in October 2013. With this new release the Bug Costume has been revamped and the upgrade includes 7 new bug themed items.
In addition the Sewer Pipes Treasure Map was first introduced in an accounts upgrade in November 2009 and then retired. With this account upgrade it has been brought back and you could receive either 2 or 3 map pieces with each purchase.

Bug Account Upgrade item list.....

Bug Costume
The Beetles
Beetle Stamp
Ants Life
The Moderately Hungry Caterpillar
Dung Beetle Pearl
Cricket Cookies
2 or 3 pieces of the Sewer Pipes Treasure Map


Royal Wedding Account Upgrade - Released for a very limited time on May 20, 2018 and retired again on May 21, 2018.

Royal Wedding Account Upgrade item list.....

Bride Doll
3 AU Credits
Groom Doll
3 AU Credits
Wedding Cake
3 AU Credits
Wedding Potato
3 AU Credits
Wedding Pearl
3 AU Credits
Wedding Stamp
4 AU Credits
Royal Guard Costume
5 AU Credits
Royalty Costume
5 AU Credits
Royal Captain Costume
5 AU Credits
Royal Wedding Costume
5 AU Credits
Royal Wedding Suit
5 AU Credit
Royal Queen Costume
5 AU Credits
Royal King Suit
5 AU Credit


Gemini Treasure Chest - re-released May 22, 2018 and retired June 7, 2018. You can find Gemini Treasure Chest items here.


Safari Account Upgrade - released June 3, 2018 and retired July 4, 2018. This was a revamp and change of the Explorer Costume which was first released in July 2008 to the new and improved Safari Costume.

Safari Account Upgrade item list.....

Enchanted Safari Limax Plushie
Enchanted Safari Tantua Plushie
Safari Costume
Melted Brownie
Safari Guide Book
Safari Stamp
Sun Pearl
Sunset Playlist


Safari Treasure Chest - released June 10, 2018 and retired July 25, 2018. The Noble Treasure Chest item list can be found here.


Cancer Treasure Chest - re-released on July 20, 2018 and retired again on July 30, 2018

Cancer Treasure Chest item list can be found here


Checkered Account Upgrade - The Checkered Costume was first released in December 2005 in Account Upgrades and until the beginning of 2018 it was very rarely restocking at Smuggling. A new version of the Checkered Account Upgrade has been released on August 3, 2018, with 7 new Checkered themed items. This AU retired October 10, 2018.

Checkered Account Upgrade item list.....

Checkered Costume
Checkered Chocolate Ice Cream
Checkered Music
Checkered Oglue Stamp
Checkered Pearl
Geometry Book
Enchanted Checkered Tasi Plushie or
Enchanted Checkered Addow Plushie

Leo Treasure Chest - re-released August 5, 2018 and retired again August 15, 2018.

Cancer Treasure Chest item list can be found here


Marapets 14th Birthday Limited Account Upgrade - released August 28, 2018 and retired September 10, 2018.

14th Brithday Limited AU item list.....

Cupcake Costume
14th Birthday Stamp
Gothic Coat
Meat Potato
Frilly Songs
Party Glowing Egg
Gothic Nights
Handheld Cupcake
Decadal Doll
Fishnet Shorts
Piercing Gaze Contact Lenses
The Big 14 Book


Cowboy Account Upgrade - released September 8, 2018 and retired November 15, 2018. From the news: The Cowboy Costume was first released in February 2009 in Account Upgrades. It was updated and the costume was renamed. A new version of the Cowboy Account Upgrade has been released, with 8 new themed items. A new Bootleg Pyramid Treasure Map is the main prize. Collect all 16 pieces of this map and you will gain access to the brand new Bootleg Pyramid feature recently released. You will receive 6 or 7 random pieces of this map.

Cowboy Account Upgrade item list.....

Cowboy Costume
Bandana Pearl
Bandana Tunes
Book of Cowboy Hats
Cowboy Glowing Egg
Cowboy Stamp
Rhinestone Cowboy
Bootleg Pyramid Treasure Map

The Pixel Account Upgrade was released September 19, 2018 and retired November 5, 2018.

Pixel Account Upgrade item list.....

Pixel Costume
Golden Block Stamp
Invader Trading Card
Pixel Book
Pixel Glowing Egg
Pixel Pop Music
The Legend of Rhonda
Pixel Dakota Potion or
Pixel Azul Potion

Libra Treasure Chest - re-released September 24, 2018 and retired again October 10, 2018.

Libra Treasure Chest item list can be found here


Halloween Treasure Chest and Eleka Treasure Chest - re-release of the two 2015 Treasure Chests took place on October 2, 1018 and will retire again October 15, 2018.

Halloween Treasure Chest and Eleka Treasure Chest item list can be found here


Eleka Account Upgrade - released October 18, 2018 and retired December 5, 2018.
The Eleka Costume was first released in January 2007 and has been brought back with 7 new Eleka themed items.

Eleka Account Upgrade item list.....
Eleka Costume
Enchanted Eleka Snookle Plushie
Enchanted Eleka Bolimo Plushie
Eleka Book
Eleka Cupcake
Eleka Pearl
Horns and Wings Stamp
Queen Eleka Jams
Sweet Eleka Dreams


Steampunk Treasure Chest re-release on November 15, 2018 and retired again November 29, 2018.

Steampunk Treasure Chest item list can be found here.


Angel Account Upgrade - released December 6, 2018 and retired January 15, 2019.
The Angel Costume was first released in June 2006 and has been revamped and re-released with 7 new Angel themed items.

Angel Account Upgrade item list.....

Angel Costume
Enchanted Angel Vixen Plushie
Enchanted Angel Kaala Plushie
Angel Doughnut
Angelic Hymns
Angelic Pearl
Book of Angels>
Glowing Feathers
Heavenly Stamp