Okay, who doesn't like ? Here, at , we're all about free stuff. And uhh , fun, and all that jazz. For our one year anniversary, we're here to celebrate all of you that have made it magical. During the month of January, I'll be giving out these prizes (and more, but I was too lazy to find the right images to link). Almost all of them came from a club member's wishlist, so feel free to trade prizes with each other.


To enter, you must send 999,999,999 mps to Entitia in chocolate dukkas. Okay, just kidding--don't make Entitia *too* fat.

1. To play, just chat in the club. You may enter once a day: just write a positive statement about another club member with "#giveaway". For example, "I like chatting with Spencer because her fasoro army is awesome #giveaway". This will give both you and Spencer an entry into the day's raffle (unless you're Spencer, in which case you get NO entries for talking about yourself--you weirdo =P).

2. The number of posts you have that in club chat that day will give you extra entries (i.e., X number of posts will give you one extra entry--I haven't figured this out yet as I don't want to imbalance busy people, so will likely adjust this number), no matter what the posts are about (but no spamming please or you will be disqualified automatically).

3. You must be a club member to win. Yes, you can participate even if you've been here less than two weeks or whatever, but if you leave the club before the prize is given out, you will not receive it and Entitia will eat your prize for lunch. Just kidding...it'll go to the next person whose raffle entry I draw.

4. Raffle prizes will likely be at least a day delayed (i.e., I might go look through all of yesterday's entries when giving out a prize today or I might go through last week's entries). Some days in January multiple prizes will be given out; some days none will be.

5. You can win multiple times, but if you don't receive your first choice prize, please don't complain. Just try and hunt down whoever got it and trade! I will likely post some of the winners in club chat, but I won't be keeping a log of who won what (too lazy, sorry!) so just ask around.

6. If you don't see an item you want in the prize list, feel free to mail me and I'll put it on my buying request list.

7. Have fun! Being rude/creating a negative environment will disqualify you for the rest of the event.

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