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What do I do?

Well hello there! I'm happy to see that you're interested in making Marapets a hobby! Well you just activated your what?

You will be able to ask questions in the Newbie Help Forum, but that's about it for social activity for the next 24 hours. But hey, the time goes quick. Take this time to EXPLORE!

Exploring is SO important on Marapets. There are a lot of random things that are free or low cost that you can play and get chances to win things worth a lot of marapoints! Exploring is also beneficial because it really gives you a sense of "home" if you know where you are in the Maradan world. Click all the banner spots and make sure to read a couple of pages of the News section.


Think you've had enough random clicking and making your way across the world of Marada? When you hover over the hourglass on the horizontal Marapets toolbar, you'll see Free Games, Points to Play, and Dailies. Free games are what I just mentioned- the arcade-style games. Points to Play are mostly chance games- you put a little mp in to hopefully get more mp out. Dailies are games that are limited to certain time periods (once per 24 hours, once per 12 hours, ect). They're things that experienced Maradans go through every day (hence-"Dailies").

Head over to the ARCADE and play some free games. You'll only earn marapoints (mp) for 30 days on flash games, then it switches to a different medium of giving you "points". More on that later. My favorite games include Rofling Gold, Bounchy, Murfin Chase, and Dukka Trove.


Not the gaming type? That's fine, feel free to do some quests. Quests are a way that a LOT of seasoned Maradans make mp on this site. Each miniworld has a type of quest you can do (Enpiah has Cosmonaut, Candyland has Candy Tree, Biala has Santa Claws and The Snowman, ect). Questing is simple. Click accept Quest on their main screen, then click "Check Price" under each item they give you and "Quick Buy". It's important not to spend a boatload of mp on a single quests. Personally, I have a 6,000mp cap before I say forget it and let the quest run out of time.


So, you've got some mp, made a pet or two, now you're looking at your god-awful character and your plain red/blue/yellow/green pet. Guess what? You can customize that shiz, baby! Check out my more in depth guides on each of what I mentioned on the toolbar to the left.

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