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How To Fix Your Glitch

Here is what some terminology means.

Clear Browser Cache -(Find this where you would clear your browser history and cookies) This is used if images do not load properly or it looks like the amount of currency has reverted to what it was before. Or your character is dressed in a previous outfit. Basically if something has changed that you did not do.

Clearing the Marapets Cache - (feeding a gumball or using the plushie machine) This is used when Mara doesn't update itself. Like if you won an auction or hieroglyphic and it did not show up in your inventory yet.

Flush DNS - Only used when you can't access the marapets website but you can access other websites.

Below are some the glitches that happen commonly throughout the game and ways to fix them

My MP and/or Items are missing!
Usually feeding a gumball to one of your pets is the solution (clearing the marapets cache). After feeding you'll find the MP and or Items you were missing. If after 24 hours it hasn't worked you should send a support ticket. For items missing, if you don't want to feed your pet a gumball, just go to this link and it will update the cache:

I can't create a new pet, but I have space!
This should reset itself if you click the yellow fasoro at the top of the page with 'Pets' written underneath.

My hieroglyphics aren't in my inventory!
It takes a while, just move an item from your attic to your inventory.

I can't unblock my friend!
All you can really do is try blocking and unblocking them until it's fixed.

It says I have no more room in my shop/gallery but I really do!
Move and item from your attic to your gallery/shop and it should clear the cache.

My gourmet foods list isn't updating!
This usually occurs with coffees, but feed your pet a gumball and it should be fixed.

Why can't I buy an item from the Factory Outlet?
Some items get stuck and we have to wait for them to be removed. You're not the only one who can't buy it. Nobody can.

None of the security codes are showing up or refreshing!
You can either clear your'cookies' and make sure is not blocked OR feed your pet a gumball to clear the cache.

I can't see other players' dolls!
Flash player is required by this site to see them. Many mobile devices don't have Flash. Make sure you have Flash Player installed if it's even possible on the system you're using. However, this still does not work for everyone. Try a different browser like Firefox.

I can't score past 1200 in the Gumball Madness game so I can't pass the goal!
Yes, you can pass it. Score 1200 (the max), then go STRAIGHT to the goal to complete it.

I can't donate items to my club!
Post in club chat, then donate the item to your club.

When I try to create a blog, I get a server error and it won't show up!
All you need to do is either edit an old blog or delete an old blog and the new one you just made will show up!

My scratchcard isn't showing up at the scratchcards place!
After you have clicked the item, be sure to click "Use Item". If you go to the scrachcards place (either Jenoa or Dukka Caves, depending on the card), and it isn't there, buy another cheap scratchcard and add it. It's an odd cache issue, but that should fix it.

I had saved mail, deleted my mail, and it deleted the saved mail!
Just get someone to maramail you or wait for a maramail, they'll pop back up, still saved and locked.

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