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There's 5 different currencies that uses. The most used one is called marapoints (MP). The other two major ones are called baspinar points (BP) and restock points (RP). The 2 other minor currencies include Dukka Coins (Dukkas) and Olympic Points. Don't let all those currencies scare you, as I mentioned before you really only need to know about the first one, MP, and the 2 others, BP and RP.
Please remember you may not beg for any currency, item, or pet.

Marapoints (MP)

Marapoints can be earned mostly by doing dailies using the Countdown Clock, chatting on the non-spam forums, creating pets (max is 12 pets without any Extra Pet Giftboxes), and winning giveaways from other members. You can also gain MP from selling things in your own user-shop, auctions, or trades. Users work very hard for their MP, so remember not to beg!

Baspinar Points (BP)

You can gain BP by battling, through completing Sumo Sally and Knutt Knight quests, and small amount from winning the Tombola game outside of Baspinar's Castle.
Shops that you need BP for in order to buy from them include:Rapunzel's Tower,Factory Outlet, Magazine Stand,Newspaper Stand, and the Mummy Dolls Shop .

Restock Points

Restock Points can be gained by restocking (buying items from the standard Marapets shops), winning from Eleka Tombola, and also a good amount can be given to you if you do Leprechaun quests in Gigantic Paradise.
Shops that you need RP for in order to buy from them include: Treasure Map Shop, Cooking Ingrediants, Poison Shop and, Kwazikujo

Dukka Coins

Dukka Coins are the main currency of Dukka Town and Dukka Caves. In those two worlds, you will need either MP or Dukka Coins to buy things. You can earn Dukkas from winning on the Slot Machine , digging from Archaeology, and winning on Scratchcards (not Jenoa). You can also buy dukkas from user shops, auctions, and trades.

Olympic Points

Olympic Points can be used in the Olympic Redemption Shop . You gain these points by winning Olympic Events. To win events it is 1/3 luck, 1/3 stats, and 1/3 random. Therefore, even if your pet has the best stats, they still might not win all the time, though it helps.

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