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A Guide to Changing Your Pets

On Marapets, there are many ways to change the color or species of your pet. This brief list includes details on costumes/potions, operation portal, enchanted dips, random or colour concoctions, essences, and missions. An LE (limited edition) pet is one that you cannot create from the Create a Pet page. Non LEs (non limited edition pets) are ones that you CAN create using the Create a Pet page.

Note: Costume and colors are words used interchangeably. That is, they mean the same thing. The color of an addow is the costume of the addow.

Costumes and Potions
Costumes are the actual items that will only change the color of your pet, not the species. Before using a costume, you need to make sure the pet can wear the costume. Pets have certain costumes they can wear. All the wearble costumes are found here, on the PET COLORS PAGE. You can buy the costume many places, but they cost a very large amount of marapoints. Most costumes restock in the COSTUME SHOP but it is very rare that they restock. You can also get costumes from trades, user shops, auctions, and even missions.

Potions can change the color and species of your pet. It turns your pet into whatever the potion is called, and works on any pet. You can restock potions from the POTIONS SHOP. You can also get them from user shops, trades, and auctions. LE potions will always cost a lot if you buy them from other users and are also very hard to restock from the potions shop.

Operations Portal
The operations portal is an easy and free way to try to change your pet's color and species once a day (unless you have an Operations Portal Giftbox in which case you can once every 12 hours). The portal can only change your pet into another non-le. It can also costume your pet. It may even give some random stats. However, for the most part, you'll get the message of "Nothing happened". Find this "game" in the Pet's section on the right side bar.

Enchanted Dips
Dips do nothing to your pet, they are only gourmet food. However, Enchanted Dips, when you use them on the species it has on the jar, will change that pet into a random color. For instance, you would use an Enchanted Zetlian Dip on your zetlian and it will change it to a random color/costume of zetlian. Using an an Enchanted Chibs Dip on your zetlian will not make your zetlian a chibs. You may be lucky enough to get one after doing a Cosmonaut quest in the land of Enpiah or you can try to buy them from user shops.

These will turn your pet into a random color of the species shown on the bottle. For example, using an Essence of Quell on your Addow pet will change your pet into a random color of Quell. You can win one from the genie or buy them from user shops.

Concoctions- Colour and Random
Concoctions do what they say they will do in their description. If the Colour concoction works, if will change the pet's color. If the Random Concoction works, it can either change the pet's color or give it stats. They are pretty straight forward. However, when ever you use a concoction there are some things you need to be aware of.
One, it can send your pets to jail and you will need to pay MP to bail them out (you can get the prison costume from that).
Two, they may not work (especially in the case of colour concoctions). They can also make your pet only full up and happy.

Every time you complete a specific mission (after 30 levels), you will receive an LE potion that goes with that mission. The LE potion is a random color. You can only complete one level of a mission per day (unless you have a Missions Giftbox). Here is a guide as to which missions give what LE potions: Shaggybear's Site

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