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Changing Your Character

Hate this look below? Change it!

To add clothing, shoes, wigs, and contacts to your wardrobe, click on the clothing item or contact lenses in your inventory (the Items button at the top toolbar), then click Use, and then Add to wardrobe. You can reuse all contacts (themed and not themed) and all wardrobe items, including shoes and sunglasses. Buy each item in their respective stores on the "Shops" page.

You can change your clothing colors at the Lush Fountain in Lush Lake after you've put them on your doll. Some clothing items and character costumes don't change color. You'll need to use Glowing Eggs that have been added, and hatched, in your nest to unlock new colors.
Hatching Eggs is easy, and fast if you click the egg in your nest, and hit F5 repeatedly till it hatches.

Use a Free Female Haircut Coupon at the salon (click on Dress up in the left nav tree for quick access) to change you hairstyle, or a Wig from your wardrobe. Wigs are hairstyles like at the salon, just located in your wardrobe. To change them just select a different hairstyle/wig to put on. You can also complete the Premium Hair map for additional hairstyles via the Salon.

Use Hair Dye to change you hair colour (salon or wig style). You can also get other non-hair dye colours by putting on a wig, and then changing your hairstyle at the salon.

Using the Doll Maker/Gender Changer you can get the defult eye shape.

You can change your eye shape to a more husky style by putting on and taking off a pair of sunglasses from your wardrobe as well. Themed Contact lenses can also change your eye shape, depending on which ones you use. Examples of themed contacts: Starry, Vampire, Rainbow, Donut, and Spirit.

Color Contact lenses can be used to change the color of your eyes and sunglasses. These can also be layered over Themed contacts. This means that if you have the themed Glitched Contact Lenses on (which are a default green), you can put blue contact lenses on as well and that will change the Glitched color to Blue Glitched themed. A brand new aspect of the contacts is that we can now add ANY contacts to our wardrobe and we can use them any time we want as many times as we want. Examples of Colored contacts: Sea Green, Light Red, Blue.

Use Eye liner or Eye Shadow from the Eye Make Up Shop to accent your eyes. To remove eye make up, use Eye Make Up Remover.

Use a Plastic Surgery Coupon at Plastic Surgery in Enpiah to change your nose shape.

Use a Dentist Ticket at the Dentist in Lowlyhood to change your mouth shape. You can also complete the Dentist map for access to additional mouths.

Use Lipstick to change lip color.

Use Tanning Salon Ticket at the Tanning Salon in Lowlyhood to change you skin tone/color.

Use Face Make up (whiskers, stars, blush) to accent your dolls face.
To remove face makeup use Face Make Up Remover.

Compiled by Gennie, edited and added to by ChocoShay
{c} Coding and design belong to Kishii. Brushes & photos all belong to their rightful owners.