Welcome to Vibrant! Check out our club games and current events!


Vibrant is an exclusive club that has just unrolled our welcome mat to new members!

We took our time choosing the perfect name for ourselves, and came up with Vibrant- because we are energetic and lively!

Our members are very close, because we've been in, not one, but two clubs together!

A huge group of us transferred from one failing club, to make this one a success.

Our stats are quite incredible; and you won't believe how active our chat is until you see it yourself!

So come into the chat, and make yourself at home! :]


1. No drama! If you want to leave the club, leave. If you want to confront someone, do it privately!

2. Be active & chat often!

3. Be literate or semi-literate!

4. You can only bid on a maximum of 5 auctions at a time! You may win a maximum of 5 auctions a day. These rules are to give everyone a chance at winning auctions!

5. You are only allowed to post at maximum of 3 times in a row!


Can I be Staff?
Afraid not! If we feel you deserve to be part of the staff team, you will be asked! Do not ask us! If you ask, you'll receive a kindly worded rejection.

How do I know what events are coming up in the club?
Check the club Calendar or the latest club News. Both of these places will be updated to the best of our abilities. If you are looking for a giveaway or contest, you can look under those tabs on the club layout. If you are having trouble finding something just make a shout out in chat! Someone will send you to the right place.

When will I rank up?
There is a tab on the layout that has all of that information (Ranks). If you have met all the requirements for a certain rank, staff will move you up to the next rank. Please note that this may take time since we won’t always be online.

Issues with other members
If you have an issue with a fellow club member, try to contact them privately to settle things. If your dispute cannot be resolved, feel free to mail a staff member and they will handle it accordingly. Keep the drama out of chat! This club does not tolerate people bullying or leaving people out on purpose.


This is our section is for events/pages that we feel may be neglected :)


Tranquil: The default rank! This is given to you upon arrival to Vibrant.

Lively: Have 250+ posts

Chatterbox: Have 500+ posts

Staff: Staff members help out with running games & other activities, and can also get along well with others. They're more than willing to answer any questions you have! DO NOT ask to be Staff!


AnonymousUser - Blank
Asmov29 - Ike
Blackw97 - Ina
Boznaznaz - Nessa
Buttercup2519 - Collins
caligurl168 - Nori
Chloecat - Chive
CyberCow - Max
Dylanj - Dylan
Erika309789881 - Erika
Genevievepink - Gen
Hulie - Kat
ImFearless - Rose
JakeLeFroy - Corrina
Kimmimila - Heli
Kittycatslover - Kitty
Koochicoo1177 - Koo
Luoss251495 - Lucy
MichelJack - Josh
Monie951 - Ramon
MyDogMolly2010 - Molly
Newleaf - Jordan
No1HappyGirl - Lana
PancakeDay - Chan
Pandoruh - Emily
Puppychow248 - Kelly
Quackbock - Quack
Rebornray - Ray
Scoobygirl2 - Kasper
Sevenofnineone - Seven
Shan4408 - Shannon
Sherrizee - Sherri
Shoniaofthedead - Shon
Speedy619 - Troy
TheJanoskians - Dani
Titan2 - Titan
Venukid - Ray
Zaidu - Zaid
Zoezoemia - Zoe


Want to know when someone's birthday is so you can wish them a Happy Birthday? Then you've come to the right place! If you'd like your birthday here, then mail any staff member.


Pandoruh - January 9th


MichelJack - February 23rd
sevenofnineone - February 15th


Koochicoo1177 - March 11th
zoezoemia - March 23th
Shoniaofthedead - March 30th


ImFearless - April 4th
Shan4408 - April 4th
Speedy619 - April 27th
TheJanoskians - April 27th


Genevievepink - May 3rd
caligurl168 - May 24th


Monie951 - June 5th
dylanj - June 10th


Kimmimila - July 1st
Asmov29 - July 13th
CyberCow - July 17th
JakeLeFroy - July 18th
Newleaf - July 24th


Kittycatslover - August 27th


MyDogMolly2010 - September 7th
hulie - September 25th
PancakeDay - September 26th


venukid - October 9th
Quackbock - October 18th
Luoss251495 - October 27th
Boznaznaz - October 28th


scoobygirl2 - November 19th
erika309789881 - November 16th
Titan2 - November 14th


puppychow248 - December 10th


For our first post-war Giveaway will be giving TWO great items!
Current Giveaway: Pink Gizmo Potion AND Recycled Costume

To enter this giveaway you must have 100 posts (your total post count must be over 100 posts) by August 17th! There will be only one entry per member and you will be automatically entered!! The winner will be chosen by a random name generator and will be announced on August 18th!
If you have any questions please mail Shannon

Weekly Raffle

Every Wednesday, there'll be a new item/currency given!

Current Raffle:
Cancer Pants

Now you're asking how can I participate?
In order to participate you'll need to purchase a gumball from the club shop for 1,000MP!
You can also also help by donating your gumballs to the club!

Does purchasing more than one gumball give me more chances at winning?
Yes! For every gumball you purchase you will get one entry into the raffle (a random name generator)!
Where do the prizes come from?
They can be items that our amazing members donated to the club or items that a leader/staff donates!
If you have any questions please mail Shannon


OTM = (O)f (T)he (M)onth
An 'OTM' is a title one member can get each month. Here at Vibrant we have four OTM's for members to 'compete' for: BOTM (Booster Of The Month) MOTM (Member Of The Month), SOTM (Staff Of The Month), and RMOTM (Random Member Of The Month). Prizes contain amounts of MP!


(B)ooster (O)f (T)he (M)onth
In order to become BOTM, it's simple! Simple boost the club board as often as you can! However, this honor won't be awarded to just whoever boosts the most, it is who, in general, is the best booster. This means boosting often and in a heartfelt and quality way.


(M)ember (O)f (T)he (M)onth
MOTM is a title that only the most deserved member of Vibrant can behold! MOTM is given to someone who is active, helpful, and friendly. This mean chatting in club chat, recruiting new members, and always having a positive attitude! Staff will pick out who they feel deserves to be called MOTM & receive the prize!
PRIZE: 150k MP


(S)taff (O)f (T)he (M)onth
The only members eligible for this title are the staff of the club! Troy will pick out who he feels worked their ass of this month to make the club better. The person who is allowed this title will be someone who is constantly trying to keep the chat active, helps out with anything that needs to be done, maybe refers a bit, and is just an all around helpful person!
***Now Co-Leaders are allowed to win***
Prize: 150k MP


(R)andom (M)ember (O)f (T)he (M)onth
Everyone in the club is eligible for this title! On the day the OTM's will be announced, every member's name will be put into a name generator and ONE random member will be picked! So, everyone has a chance.
Prize: 100k MP

Competition: Monthly Murder Mystery

The monthly murder mystery is a brand-new competition here in Vibrant, having been inspired by member MyDogMolly2010.
Max will put all of the club member's names in a random generator. Whoever is chosen will be that month's 'murderer.' The second person's name to come out of the generator will be that month's 'victim.' Once this has all been done, Max will put the name of the victim on the layout, along with the first clue.
It is your job to solve the mystery! Every few days, this section will be updated with a new clue as to who the murderer is. They will first be very vague and eventually get more and more elaborate
The first person to mail Max with their guess wins a prize! You have only 3 guesses, though, so do not be hasty. And another thing, Max is the only one who knows who the murderer is! So, it is entirely possible for even you to be the murderer! And though it may be unlikely, it is also possible for the victim to be the murderer, too!
The two most recent clues will be put below. Make sure to check often, because they will come and go relatively often!

This month's murderer has more than three LE pets...

Monthly Checklist

Coming Soon!

Club Games

Here are some fun games for you to take part in! All proceeds go straight to the club. So join in on the fun, help your club out, and win prizes while doing so!!

Word Scramble

Are you good at unscrambling words? Then you've come to the right place!
All you have to do is donate 2500mp and if you can guess the following mara related words,Mail Quack!
If you are the first to get all five of the words right, you'll receive 10k MP!!

Words to Unscramble;
1)oohstqinpuh i The word is 12 characters long, including 1 space
2)kc cbsilseajpkak The word is 15 characters long, including 1 space
3)bcaonanse clewointt rs The word is 20 characters long, including 2 spaces
4)k thet albuihncrs The word is 15 characters long, including 2 spaces
5)copuaeo kp pc The word is 11 characters long, including 2 spaces

Guess the Item

This game is extremely similar to Ice Fairy's Mystery Item game. Each week, an image will be posted and you have to guess what the item in the image is!
The item may be distorted in any way. Sometimes it will be easy to guess, other times it will be much more difficult!

To play, simply donate 5,000 MP to the club and mail Emily with a maximum of 3 guesses as to what the item could be.
Three random people who guess correctly will receive a random prize at the end of the week. Prizes may include anything from crystals to costumes, so get to guessing!

Last weeks item was: Maratalk Chibs Plushie!

This weeks item:

Plushie Machine

This NEW game was inspired by Liannefaye66! It is very simple and just like the regular plushie machine!

To play this game all you have to do is donate 500mp to the club and mail Shannon saying Move Up, Move Down, Move Left or Move Right!
You can win pluhies, enchanted plushies, MP or even multiple plushies!
You may play every 12 hours!


This game was partly inspired by Liannefaye66! Playing this game is just like questing on Marapets!

In order to play, first you must mail Max saying that you would like to accept his quest! He will then give you a quest (complete with a silly story as to how the items were needed in the first place) and a 24 hour time limit! You will have 24 hours to send him the required items, and if you succeed, he will send you a random prize! It could be something as inexpensive and ridiculous as a tanning salon ticket, or as valuable as a potion, enchanted plushie or costume!
All items that Max receives will either go in the club shop, or go up in the club auctions.

Pot of Gold

In this game you have to donate 3k to the club and then mail Kittysaying you have picked from the pot. She will then send you a random item from her attic. It can be anything from a low priced item to a higher priced item.
You may play this game once a day

Chat Games

Here at Vibrant we like to give out lots of prizes and make others happy. So, we decided to separate club games & chat games into two different categories. Chat games will be for the club chat only. Usually, anyone can host a chat game (as long as they provide prizes)!

Spam Night

The purpose of holding a spam night is so members can increase their post count! Sometimes, you take a few days off from mara, or the club, and you are then behind in posts.
Or maybe you're in competition against a fellow club member, and want to beat their post count!
What ever the reason may be, spam will increase your post count! :]

For those who may not be sure what SPAM is;

Spam stands for Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages.
Stupid- Banana's are yellow!
Pointless- ikdnkandknmzfkfm
Annoying- Post. Post. Post.

Avvie Mania

Avvie-Mania is a fun game involving speed. There are 10 rounds to this. In this game, there will be ONE host, anyone can host it, as long as they have their own prizes to give. Each round to the game will involve changing your club avatar to what the host changes it to. Once you see that the host has changed their avatar, you'll have to go to Update Club Avatar in the red above the club's name and find the avatar your host has. Once you do that, you'll post in club chat saying: 'got it'. The first person to change their avatar and post it in club chat wins round one! Each avatar the host picks MUST be reasonable. The host can't pick an avatar that only one person has, or only a few. But the host CAN pick avatars that not everyone has, as long as the majority has it, just not repeatedly!


This is a basic game that many of you are already good at. The host will select any category they would like, and then the group will answer the questions. The first two to post the correct answer will get a point. Rounds are up to the group playing at the time. Normally this game works best with 4+ people, and the host is responsible for the prizes (if there are any) in the end.

Simon Says

~NEW~ Club Chat S.S (Simon Says) is a fairly easy game to play. The host will post one task at a time, like “Simon says go play the plushie machine, post your results.” The first to complete this task (if Simon says) gets a point. The last person or those who didn’t do the task /did it when Simon didn’t say will get disqualified! Last person standing wins! This game normally works best when there are 6+ people who are all willing to travel around Mara. This game is great for getting your dailies out of the way!


This brand new chat game requires 2 hosts, one of which must be staff! To play this game, Host A must choose a member to act as Host B. Host A will send Host B something through Maratalk or Maramail. This can be a number, a letter, a month, a person, anything! Host B will go into club chat and give a hint. For example, if Host A send the number '24,' then Host B will tell the players It is a number between 1-30! Players will then spam the chat with guesses (you have as many as you want) and whoever guesses it first, wins the round and a small prize! And when the game is all done and through, Host A may gift Host B with something small, for helping out. The reason why a staff member must be involved in this game is because, since you get to guess as many times as you want, it is a form of spam. This game should be a fun way to liven up the chat and win some prizes along the way.

Whose Line?

This chat game is a play on the very popular trivia chat game! In 'Whose Line?' the host will give the players a quote. It can be a quote from anywhere: a TV show, a movie, a book, whatever! The players will then guess who said this quote, and if it's from a tv show, movie, book, etc, they will also include which tv show/movie/book that person is from. So, if someone were to guess Ron Weasley they would also have to include Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This game would be much more fun if everyone played fairly, but it's not like we can stop you from Google, much like with the trivia game. This game is best played with at least three people.

Guess That Tune!

This one is for all of you music lovers out there! In this chat game, the host will post any song lyrics of their choice. The players will then have to guess the name of the song and the name of the artist. The first 1-2 (depending on the host's rules) players to correctly guess will win a point for that round. Very similar to the 'Whose Line' game, except only for song lyrics. This game is best played with at least three people.


Welcome to the Vibrant Swapping Center! If you are interested in swapping photos, plates, plushies, newspapers or magazines with your fellow Vibrant members, consult any of the sections below! Here's how the swap works: you send the manager of a particular swap the items that you would like to have swapped. At the end of the swapping period, you will receive new items in return.

For example, if you would like to participate in Emily's Photo Swap, you could send Emily any photos you may have. At the end of the swap, your photos will be sent to another member, and you will receive another member's photos. If you send in 3 photos, you will get 3 photos in return, and so on. As of right now, there is a limit of 5 items per swap. This may change as more swaps go on, but for right now, limit yourself to sending 5 items to each individual swap.

Each swapping period lasts three weeks meaning that if you send in your items, you will receive new items within two weeks. It's a good idea to have a blog that lists whichever items you may be missing. The swap managers will try to give you a set of photos that you haven't already collected, but if they send you repeats, feel free to send those in during the next swap. It's not the end of the world.

Photo Swap

To see the details for Emily's Photo Swap, check out her blog! If you have any questions regarding the photo swap, feel free to mail Emily about any of them!

Plate Swap

To see the details for Kitty's Plate Swap, check out her blog!
If you have any questions regarding the plate swap, feel free to mail Kitty about any of them!

Magazine Swap

To see the details for Shannon's Magazine Swap, check out her blog!
If you have any questions regarding the magazine swap, feel free to mail Shannon about any of them!

Newspaper Swap

To see the details for Max's Newspaper Swap check out his blog!
If you have any questions regarding the newspaper swap, feel free to mail Max about any of them!

Plushie Swap

To see the details for Quack's Plushie Swap check out her blog!
If you have any questions regarding the plushie swap, feel free to mail Quack about any of them!


Here is the list of items and or pets members are lending out for avatars. If you are interested in borrowing from some one please mail them :) If you have anything you would like to have on this list to lend please mail Quack with what you are lending and she will add them to this list.



Quack is lending her Fire Quell pet for a lot of avatars! The fee for transferring is 254,760 each time. They are the following avatars.


Welcome to the Marketplace!

The Vibrant Marketplace is a place where you can buy and sell items with your fellow club members. Basically, this is the Price Check forum, but exclusively for your members. If you have an ad you would like to put up, please donate 500 mp to the club, and mail Max with what you would like for him to put up. Your ad will be posted here within 24 hours. Once you have sold/bought/ what you needed to, then send a follow-up mail letting him know. The only rule that applies to Marketplace posting is that your item MUST BE DISCOUNTED. This is club is a family, after all, so your items should be at a family discount.


Erikais looking to purchase EPI 1 and 9. Mail her with offers.

Maxis looking to purchase a Pucu Potion! (any color) Mail him with offers.

Max is looking to purchase a Devil Costume! Mail him with offers.


Titan is selling his Enchanted Ice Cream Mordo Plushie for 4.5 million MP.


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[07 August 2013]
Isn't the new layout amazing? Well I love it! A HUGE Thanks to Emily for all her hard work on finding it and updating it :) <3
Check out the Weekly Raffle page! Molly was the winner of the Scorpion Plushie and Zoe wont the twenty dukka coin!!!

[07 August 2013]
Hi everyone!
As you can see, we've got a new layout. A few things have been moved around, but everything is still here! I hope you all like it.
If you have any complaints/questions, please mail a staff member! Also, keep an eye out on the news, a new post may be added rather soon~


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